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Set up an incentive program in minutes, not hours or weeks

Use point-and-click to define program specifications like target, rewards, incentive and rules.

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Step 1. Pick the behavior for which you want performance improvement

  • Sales behaviors
  • Marketing behaviors
  • Engagement behaviors
  • Learning behaviors
  • Customer service behaviors

Step 2. Set achievement goals

  • Single-action incentives
  • Multi-actions incentives
  • Gamification
  • Pre-defined goal models
  • Leaderboards
  • Progress tracking

Step 3. Determine the value of what your partners do

  • Multiple reward types
  • Rebate management
  • Payout management/integration
  • Multi-incentive reward capping
  • Level based rewarding
  • Global reward catalog

Step 4. Track how much is being spent on incentive programs 

  • Program budget
  • Earmarks
  • Budget approval process
  • Budget and earmarks consumption

Step 5. Get insights into how you are doing

  • Pre-built report and dashboards
  • Goal setting for KPIs
  • Program performance metrics
  • Member performance metrics

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