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We make incentives simple

Fielo Incentives enables you to design and manage innovative, behavior-based incentive programs that fuel your partners’ performance.

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Designed for the businessperson

  • A wizard that guides you through each step
  • A behavior library for creating incentives 
  • Ready to use templates

How it works

Create great experiences for your partners

Design your partners portal layout with our flexible components that are adaptable and expandable to specific needs:

  • Goal completion: Incentives, Courses
  • Progress tracking: Member Overview, Activities, Leaderboards
  • Rewarding: Rewards notifications, Badges

How it works

Reward programs

Different types of incentive programs to simplify rewards management, including:

Points program

Channel partners earn points – redeemable for rewards – on meeting or exceeding incentive goals.

Rebate program

Channel partners earn rebates on product sales, for the sale itself, or for contributing behaviors that result in the sale.

Spiff program

Channel partners’ employees earn cash, instant rewards, or prepaid cards by meeting and exceeding incentive goals.

Funds program

Channel partners earn market development funds, co-op funds, or other types of subsidy funds.

Referral program

Channel partners earn referral fees for referring leads. Calculated based on lead quality, deal size, vertical industry, or other criteria.

Level program

Channel partners earn credits based on performance criteria that accelerates their growth from one level to the next highest level.

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