Incentive Automation

Rewarding business partners and consumers for their loyalty to your product is a no-brainer. Incentive programs work. But how do you actually create, run and optimize a multi-channel, ROI-based incentive program strategy?

Introducing Incentive Automation. Fielo’s Salesforce-native cloud platform allows organizations to create, personalize and scale incentive and loyalty programs. Whether you’re incentivizing 100 channel partners to register new deals, or rewarding 1 million consumers for their loyalty, fielo provides the tools and scale to reward any behavior, any outcome. Any time.

Design, monitor and manage an innovative rules based program
Reward outcomes and the behaviors that drive them
Engage sellers & customers through a personalized portal experience
Leverage your native Salesforce environment

Business impact

Increase brand engagement and drive desired business outcomes with your customers and partners. But let’s let the research speak for itself. A recent study concluded that incentive programs that are properly constructed can increase performance by as much as 44 percent.

20% more engagement
$115B spent on U.S. incentives
44% Better Performance
57% increase in companies with channel reward programs, 2013 to 2015
25% More Revenue
98% of companies complain about their incentives programs

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Fielo works with industry leaders, many with global deployments, to craft effective, engaging channel incentive programs and customer loyalty programs.

Our customers have achieved exceptional KPI success with their incentive programs. If you would like to know more about how they implemented their programs and details of their success, check out some of our customer success stories.