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With Fielo, you have two options for your partners’ front-end portal

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud with Fielo Lightning Web Components, or

Fielo's Content Management System (CMS)

Salesforce ​​​​​​​Experience Cloud

Fielo CMS

Fielo and Salesforce

Supercharging Salesforce PRM with Fielo

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How Fielo compares with Salesforce Loyalty Management

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Fielo Incentive Lightning Components for Salesforce Experience Cloud

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Behavioral Performance Acceleration

Behaviorial Performance Acceleration (BPA) is all about targeting the behaviors that drive performance results. Accelerate your go-to-market stakeholders’ – partners, employees and customers – performance with Fielo's Incentives, Marketing and Learning solutions.

BPA for Partners

Boost your partners' engagement by enabling and rewarding the behaviors that drive performance results.

BPA for Employees

Give employees the knowledge and pay-for-performance reward models to help them pave their own success journeys, while boosting sales, service, and production productivity.

BPA for Customers

Through gamification and intelligent promotions, your customers will get more out of you – and you will get more out of them.

We’ve earned their trust

What they say about Fielo

“Fielo is a core partner for a $1B business and I feel fortunate that we chose them to help us build a better program.”

Mike Lewis

“The primary reason we chose Fielo as our incentive platform was the integration with Salesforce and the flexibility to use any Salesforce object to base an incentive. Using gamification and multiple reward types has really motivated the sales team.”

Tim Geary

Nerd out on best practices, smart use cases and clever KPIs

Critical Incentive KPI

When dealing with channel partners, engagement serves as a reliable indicator of the number of transactions. As a result, the incentive programs should be designed to drive up the engagement level and interests of channel partners. 

Leverage Partner Ecosystem

B2B tech marketing is moving rapidly towards marketing automation. With 70 percent of the world’s revenue flowing in through channels, marketers worldwide are highly focused on engaging their franchisees and channels in their marketing initiatives.

Channel Incentive Management

A significant portion of many tech companies’ revenue is driven by their channel partners. When a company is selling through an indirect channel, it will have to deal with various types of partners who sell into different segments and verticals.

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