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Channel Incentives

Improve partner engagement and increase productivity faster.

B2C Loyalty

Build customer loyalty and capture market share.

B2B Loyalty

Boost engagement, accelerate sales, and grow satisfaction.

Employee Incentives

Incent the employee behaviors that make your company successful.

Make your program stand out

Increase brand engagement and drive desired business outcomes

Companies that build effective incentives and loyalty programs can boost performance by as much as 44%. What does this mean for you? A potential 20% increase in engagement and up to a 25% increase in revenue.

The numbers don’t lie:
  • $100B+ has been spent on incentives in the US alone
  • From 2013 – 2015, the number of companies with channel reward programs grew by 57%

Yet 98% of companies aren’t happy with their incentives and loyalty programs. Why? Because they are complex, require weeks or months to make changes, and are expensive. Fielo fixes that.

It’s time.


Get programs into the field in hours or minutes, not days or weeks.


Create incentive/loyalty programs using any performance model you want.


Pick and choose from more than 30 behaviors to incentivize/reward.


Leverage the security, scalability and common user experience of your CRM environment.

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