Partner Use Cases

Learn how Fielo customers have applied Fielo solutions to turn their most pressing channel problems into revenue and customer experience gold.


Your partners may not be doing everything to optimize your sales process. Utilize Fielo Incentives with your CRM to up your partners’ sales effectiveness.

  • Close more opportunities in a particular market
  • Reduce time to close
  • Get your product seen fast
  • Upsell more


You can use your partners to reach a wider audience with greater personalization.  Utilize Fielo Incentives with Fielo Marketing to amp your marketing voice through your partners.

  • Get your marketing content and assets widely distributed and consumed
  • Localize your marketing messaging


The level at which your partners engage with you is a very good proxy for how they will perform.  Utilize Fielo Incentives with your CRM/PRM to drive deeper engagement.

  • Draw more partners to your partner portal
  • Reach more with your events


Your partners’ lack of deep product knowledge is the #1 cause of high partner support costs, longer sales cycles, and lost deals.  Utilize Fielo Incentives with Fielo Learning to arm your partners with superior knowledge.

  • Compete more effectively with superior product knowledge