The top 4 considerations for Partner Distributed Marketing

Empowering your partners—be they agencies, brokers, advisors, resellers, dealers, or distributors—to carry your brand messages to customers in their own voices, particularly given current industry conditions, has proven to be a major driver of revenue production.* In this webinar, we will explore the four key factors key to your program's success:


- Omnichannel support: Comprehensive support for a broad array of digital and print assets

- Digital asset management: The ability for partners to quickly find and assemble the assets they want for their marketing communications to customers

- Personalization control: The ability to define the levels of access and customization for various partner segments

- Partner experience: A rich CMS-powered portal that delivers a compelling partner experience


* Research shows that making even small tweaks to your partner marketing strategy can have as much as a 27% impact on your partners' performance.