Behavioral Performance Acceleration for Partners

The solution for partner engagement and performance acceleration

Win-win starts here. Get more out of your partnerships when you help and motivate your partners to know more, market more, sell more, and deliver more. 

Equip your partner program managers to engage your partners

Old-school partner management faces an impossible situation. The partnership ecosystem is increasingly varied—resellers, integrators, affiliates, dealers, distributors, agents, brokers, consultants, and other decision influencers each have their own set of needs. One-size-fits-all programs don’t work, but you don’t have unlimited time and money to support everyone like your top tier. 

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A cloud solution built to work with top CRMs. Fast to deploy, easy to scale.


Personalized incentives that drive engagement 

Programmatic Incentives are a powerful tool for driving the behaviors that help your partners succeed: learning the right things, following best practices, and supporting customers.

  • Easily configure incentive programs for different regions, business units, partner types and more
  • Incentivize and gamify behaviors that drive learning, engagement and sales methodologies
  • Target the right incentives to the right partners
  • Monitor participation, measure ROI and optimize value with consolidated data

Reporting isn’t just for sales projections 

Fielo delivers full-circle insights. Get insights that let you refine your programs when you track KPIs like performance and program revenues, training completion, and asset usage. 

Success stories

Fielo customer success demo video–Abbott

Watch how Fielo implemented a simple B2C customer loyalty program for Abbott called Master Mamá.

Fielo Customer Success–Terpel

Fielo is proud to be working with Terpel to build a modern incentive program for their customers. This is one of our many customer success stories.

Fielo customer success–Pantero

Pantero is one of Fielo's most recent customers, helping them implement a streamlined incentivization platform with a large rewards catalog for all their clients.