Leveraging Fielo Market’s Digital Asset Management Engine

B2B marketing is fast adopting content as a fundamental driver for marketing-generated revenue. With tools like distributed marketing, businesses are now including their channel partners in their marketing initiatives through increased personalization of content. But with hundreds or thousands of channel partners and franchisees being able to co-brand and customize marketing assets, there is an overwhelmingly large number of assets that need to be controlled and managed. 


Digital Asset Management offers a robust system of centrally located marketing assets that optimize content creation, retrieval, and repurposing for consistent growth. Users can utilize pre-defined and customizable templates for content creation, identify and retrieve assets through tags and metadata, and even improve workflows to efficiently manage content.


Why implement Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

A digital asset management engine streamlines asset management through a centralized system of digital assets. It allows businesses to manage brand- and legally- compliant marketing assets, and provide controlled access to users. Real-time access to digital assets with permission-based governance systems makes asset retrieval, customization, and distribution of content simpler. 


Here’s how digital asset management can help businesses achieve sustained growth -


  1. Create standardized marketing asset templates for easier tagging

The centralized system of assets makes it easy for users to find, reuse and repurpose marketing assets. Standardized templates allow users to customize templated file formats according to their marketing needs. Standardization of assets enables a decrease in production costs and redundancies, allowing businesses to markedly improve their asset management.


  1. Tag and group assets for easy searchability and access

Digital asset management enables users to easily identify marketing assets simple through the use of metadata. Metadata enables the tagging, indexing, and grouping of assets based on attributes such as asset format, type, or size. The index-based grouping of assets drastically improves the searchability of assets and saves time spent on finding the right file. 


  1. Track and manage assets and asset versions

Digital asset management enables users to implement rule-driven workflows, automating the process of collecting feedback, or getting approvals from the concerned point of contact and relevant stakeholder. Digital asset management drives agility by facilitating approval functionality and optimizing time spent on manual tasks. 


With multiple teams, partners, and users having access to marketing assets, there emerges a need to control and manage different versions. Version control facilitates workflow automation, ensuring that only the latest or up-to-date versions of the assets are accessed, reviewed, and distributed. 


  1. Governance through permissions

Navigating and managing a sea of marketing assets means there is a need to control access to ensure compliance and security. A digital asset management engine provides governance through role-based permissions, ensuring that only users who are granted access to the asset can retrieve, customize and share it.


  1. Monitor the progress of your campaigns 

A marketing campaign needs to be assessed to ascertain its success, and positive return on efforts. However, when the marketing campaigns are run by your and your partners’ teams, monitoring of success metrics and KPIs becomes difficult. Fielo Market’s digital asset management capability enables users to monitoring KPIs and with real-time asset usage metrics and, thereby improve their marketing strategy.


Leverage Digital Asset Management with Fielo Market

Fielo Market’s powerful digital asset management engine enables businesses to create, control, retrieve and repurpose impactful marketing content for consistent growth. With tools such as usage metrics, role-based permissions, integration with other systems, and enhanced distribution of assets, Fielo bolsters your business’ asset management system. 


The benefits?

Fielo Market enables users to streamline content planning and execution, optimize content creation costs, and comply with brand image and legal guidelines.  All of this, coupled with efficient governance and success management will reward users with a better conversion and retention rate.

Businesses can utilize powerful cross-channel support for creating customizable digital and print assets. No-code customization combined with a seamless user experience results in an amplified marketing voice while extending your reach.