Leveraging Distributed Marketing Automation for the Travel Industry 

Personalization is one of the biggest trends to have emerged out of digital transformation in the travel industry. Travelers are increasingly demanding personalized itineraries and offers that are relevant for their unique travel needs. With over 90% of travelers seeking personalized travel recommendations, customization of marketing communications has become crucial for travel companies to engage customers and drive conversions. 


Personalized marketing is also one of the most effective measures to upscale marketing-generated revenue in the travel industry. With more millennials seeking travel agencies and experts to plan their travel, brands are leveraging the power of marketing through their channel partners to execute localized marketing campaigns. 


Distributed marketing automation effectively bridges the gap between corporate marketing communications and regional or channel marketing efforts. A 2019 Forrester report suggested that distributed marketing helped companies achieve seven times higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. With channel marketing, companies can leverage their, and their channel partners’ expansive network to serve customized marketing offers and communications to an extended array of customers. 


Leveraging distributed marketing automation to unlock unprecedented business growth

While most vendors and travel agencies are perceived as resellers of travel products and packages, they are also the last touch point between brands and their customers. Distributed marketing leverages channel partners and their local network to influence customer behavior, while enabling brand consistency.


Create Contextually Personalized Content 

Distributed marketing automation helps brands build a comprehensive marketing strategy, providing channel partners and agencies with a plethora of pre-approved, brand compliant marketing assets. A robust centralized system of marketing assets allows channel partners to find and utilize up-to-date and relevant marketing collateral. 


Omnichannel support

With many travelers still opting for travel agencies to make bookings and avail other services, brands depend extensively on their partners to drive sales. However, not all channel partners are equipped with effective marketing knowledge and practices. Distributed marketing automation offers end-to-end support for customizing marketing assets that can be used digitally or printed to execute channel-specific marketing campaigns.


Controlled Customization for Brand Consistency

Distributed marketing automation offers controlled customization of assets to ensure brand and legal compliance. The amount of customization per asset can be controlled by the user to ensure governance through permissions. 


Seamless integration with other platforms

Distributed marketing automation system can be used as a standalone portal or be integrated with other system and data integrations to enable a seamless experience for users. 


Fielo Market: The right DMA tool to expand your marketing reach

Fielo Market is a premier distributed marketing automation solution that streamlines your marketing efforts by leveraging the expansive network of your channel partners and agencies. Fielo Market offers the capability of building a centralized repository of pre-approved customizable marketing assets. With controlled access and customization, your channel partners can efficiently run personalized marketing communications to meet your customers’ specific needs. The partners can co-brand and localize communications by customizing standardized templates with images, brand logo, and other descriptors to add their personal voice to them. All of this while creating and distributing brand-compliant marketing assets that significantly expand your marketing reach.