Leveraging Distributed Marketing Automation for Franchise Businesses

In the US alone, the franchise industry accounts for about 50% of all retail sales. Several businesses across industries utilize the franchise model to expand their reach to diverse customer segments. With such a growth rate, personalization of marketing content emerges as an impactful tool to scale business growth. 


With over 300 industries utilizing the franchise model, leveraging the franchisees’ network becomes increasingly important in an organization’s marketing strategy. Distributed marketing automation enables brands to engage their franchisees in contextualized content creation, customization, and distribution without diluting their brand’s voice. 


At the same time, distributed marketing allows brands to control the level of customization and access to marketing assets - to establish brand conformity and legal compliance. With distributed marketing, franchises can leverage their diverse franchisee network to run localized marketing campaigns and meet their customers’ specific needs. 


Distributed Marketing Automation 

With one in every seven businesses in the United States being a franchise business, utilizing the power of your franchisees’ expansive network and local knowledge can significantly accelerate your growth. Working with franchisees also poses a significant challenge for these companies - to improve franchisees’ engagement and exploit their personal connection with the end customers. Since your franchisees are the primary interface between your customers and the brand, distributed marketing automation can turn your franchisees into an extended marketing team. 


Distributed marketing automation allows brands to scale marketing communications while ensuring brand-consistent messaging and improving co-op marketing initiatives.


A centralized repository of marketing assets 

Distributed marketing offers a centrally located repository of marketing materials and creatives that your franchisees can co-brand and customize for their particular markets.  It empowers franchisees with customizable, relevant, and version-optimized marketing assets that they can tailor to their demographics.  


Ensure brand and legal compliance with controlled access

With an expansive network of franchisees being able to access and repurpose marketing assets, there emerges a need for controlled access. A Distributed Marketing Automation system enables franchisees to create and distribute localized marketing materials through controlled customization. Not all marketing assets are relevant to every franchisee partner, which is why distributed marketing empowers brands to control the level of customization of assets. 


Improve collaboration with franchisee partners

By actively including their franchisees in their marketing initiatives, brands can utilize their invaluable local knowledge to scale marketing campaigns and generate revenue. Since local franchisee owners wear many hats, they may not be adept at executing impactful marketing campaigns on their own. A distributed marketing automation system allows them to create an array of marketing assets with ease. 


Powerful integrations with other platforms

A distributed marketing automation system can be used as a standalone portal or integrated with other system and data integrations. Brands can also provide their franchisees with customizable and sharable content that can be distributed on the franchisee’s social networks for improved reach. 


Fielo Market: Extend Your Marketing Reach through Your Franchisee Network  

Fielo Market is a leading distributed marketing automation solution that offers an omnichannel support for customizing marketing assets that makes localization and personalization of content simple. It amplifies your marketing reach by leveraging the expansive network of your franchisees. With controlled access and customization, your franchisee partners can efficiently run localized marketing communications to meet your and their customers’ specific needs. Fielo Market empowers your partners with the ability to co-brand, and value-add to a wide range of marketing collateral while offering their marketing voice. 


It ensures brand and legal compliance through pre-approved standardized templates and rule-based permissions. With over 20 types of marketing assets to choose from, your franchisee partners can personalize them with images, brand logos, and other descriptors to add their personal touch. Fielo Market harnesses the collaborative power of your franchise network and accelerate business growth.