Leverage Channel Partner Ecosystem with Distributed Marketing Customization

B2B tech marketing is moving rapidly towards marketing automation. With 70 percent of the world’s revenue flowing in through channels, marketers worldwide are` highly focused on engaging their franchisees and channels in their marketing initiatives. As a result, businesses are adopting distributed marketing customization to convert their channels into growth engines. 

According to Forrester, in 2019, distributed marketing helped companies achieve seven times higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. Localized marketing processes have positively emerged as means for companies to unlock accelerated and scaled growth.  

At Fielo, we enable companies to tap into their channel partners’ potential to serve as an efficient marketing branch, helping companies maximize their outreach by managing localized brand assets. 

Leveraging direct marketing customization to expand outreach

Although your channel ecosystem’s primary role is that of a reseller, it is also the last and direct touchpoint between your brand and the customer. Channel partners bring you your customers – making them the bedrock of your customer lifecycle.

Direct Marketing customization helps brands establish an expansive yet controlled marketing strategy, offering resellers, agents, franchisees, and partners pre-approved and customizable marketing collateral and resources.

From generic communication to localized 

In the age of data-driven personalization, customers are becoming increasingly non-responsive to generic marketing communications. In order to engage customers, extend your marketing collaterals to different partner segments, and turn your run-of-the-mill campaign into a compelling one for each customer cohort. 

Value-add customization

Channel enterprises depend extensively on their partner ecosystems for sales and other practices. Some partners may maintain a well-polished repository of customer data or add their touch to marketing assets, and others may not. Some of them may practice sophisticated social media practices; others may not believe in them. 

Therefore, offering omni-portal customizable marketing collaterals with end-to-end support will ensure that your partner segments can carry out channel-specific marketing campaigns for you.

Making up for the lack of resources

The direct contact that partners have with customers does present a significant opportunity for sophisticated marketing communication. However, your partners may lack the marketing expertise and an efficient platform to carry out an integrated campaign. Offering marketing resources on scale helps companies make up for this gap. With the right brand assets and an automated marketing tool, your channel partners become well-equipped to carry out your marketing initiatives with the required touch of personalization. 

Distributed marketing customization: critical for several industries

Distributed marketing customization offers all businesses a varied range of growth possibilities. However, for companies operating in certain industries, implementing a strategy that fully utilizes its partner ecosystem is crucial.

  • Franchisees 

One in every seven businesses in the United States is a franchise business. Numbers for other parts of the world are equally overwhelming. With such a growth rate, channel engagement and mindshare of channel partners become a significant concern for the vendors. Therefore, offering your partners ready-to-use brand assets and support can distinguish you from other vendors and motivate partners to focus on your marketing initiatives. 

  • Financial services: 

Being part of a numbers-driven industry, financial services companies can utilize distributed marketing customization to tap into the customer data and enhance their offerings. All financial services cohorts – banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance, etc. offer personalized products as the primary offering. By providing agency partners with the required brand assets, such companies can better personalize their offerings and even increase revenue by as much as 15 percent

  • Travel:

Eighty-three percent of travel customers expect companies to offer relevant information and products based on their preferences. Therefore, companies operating in the travel industry are poised to benefit significantly from localized marketing communications. Empowering partners with the right assets to build upon is exactly the way for companies to enhance their customer experiences. 

Fielo Market: The right tool to scale up your marketing

A leading distributed marketing customization solution, Fielo market is a platform that enables you to make the most of your partner ecosystem. It allows you to establish a centralized repository of creatives and assets. With your partners having access to these assets, it becomes significantly easier to implement localized marketing communication with customers. The partners get to add their personal touch – with brand logo, personalized content, and other descriptors. In return, your business gets to expand its marketing reach significantly.