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How Fielo compares with
Salesforce Loyalty Management

  • Faster, self-service setup
  • Less expensive
  • Incentive creation for the business user
  • Incentive/loyalty program experts


When it comes to leveraging your Salesforce environment, Fielo and Salesforce are the leaders in incentive/loyalty program management. Both platforms, native to Salesforce, take advantage of Salesforce's infrastructure capabilities including security, scalability, and identity management. However, the differences start to emerge when you look at how the solutions were built, and how that foundation contributes to ease-of-use and adoption.

Salesforce Loyalty


Why Fielo

Complex customization

No code, just clicks

A UX designed for the business user to easily manage programs

User expertise required

Expertise built in

Ready-to-use templates designed by industry experts

“I have questions”

“We have answers”

Ongoing guidance based on 300+ years experience in incentive/loyalty programs

Time/labor-intensive setup

Time/labor-saving setup

50%+ less time required for implementation

Expensive, lots of add-ons

Less expensive, all inclusive

50%+ more affordable

Customized solutions

Configuration-defined solutions

Expandable and adaptable for employees, partners, and customers

Fielo and Salesforce

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