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Fielo Supercharges Salesforce PRM

Elevating partners from a transactional to an engagement relationship

Partner Relationship Management

Partner relationship management (PRM) is the premier application that a company uses to enable its channel partners. PRM solutions like Salesforce Partner Relationship Management include a partner portal through which enabling applications, including content library management, deal registration, opportunity development/tracking, and MDF management, are delivered.

Fielo Partner Incentives

With Fielo Partner Incentives, channel managers choose from the Salesforce Object database which partners’ behaviors they want to accelerate – for example, the number of deals registered, the number of demos given, sales of a particular product or product bundle, upsell, forecast timeliness, forecast accuracy, closed opportunities in the second months of a quarter, etc. – in essence, everything that smooths the sales process and boosts performance …


… and gives the channel manager the power to define the goals, the rewards, and the particular partner segments (profiles) that they want to incentivize.

With Fielo Incentives, your Salesforce PRM system is transformed into a revenue machine

  • PRM adoption goes up
  • Partner portal engagement increases 4-5X
  • Partner-submitted information (forecast, deal registration) is more timely
  • Your partners get aligned to your customer acquisition strategy


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