Discover why Fielo is beating Salesforce Loyalty Management

Faster and better value – Fielo is the right choice for businesses looking for an enterprise grade, budget-effective incentive/loyalty solution for B2B, B2C and B2E.

Get more than Salesforce Loyalty offers for less with Fielo

When it comes to leveraging your Salesforce environment and CRM data, Fielo is the recognized leader for incentive and loyalty program management. And here is why…

Fielo Salesforce Loyalty Why Fielo
No code, just clicks. Time-saving setup Complex customization. Labor-intensive setup 50%+ less time required for implementation
Configuration-defined solutions. Premium functionality as standard Customized solutions. Basic foundation blocks Expandable and adaptable for employees, partners, and customers
Expertise built in. Install and get going in 15 minutes User expertise required. Hire a Systems Integrator Ready-to-use templates designed by industry experts; Salesforce objects automatically populated
Less expensive, better value Expensive, lots of add-ons 50%+ more affordable

These companies rely on Fielo

We are experts in developing loyalty and incentives programs for all audiences

Partners (B2B)

Boost indirect channel performance with the right engagement, training, incentives and rewards

Employees (B2E)

Motivate and educate your teams to achieve business critical goals and drive incremental revenue


Consumers (B2C)

Create loyalty programs that lead to recurring purchases, higher satisfaction and better retention rates

Create the ideal program for your business goals

Points program Rebate program Loyalty program
Learn & Earn program Gamification program Incentive Spiff program
Deal Registration Referral program Customer Advocacy program
Cashback program Training program Safety program
Ideas program Rewards program eCommerce program
Enablement program Discount/Coupon program Points program
Service Excellence program Pipeline program MDF program
Compliance program Retention program Onboarding program
PRM program Engagement program Reward & Recognition program

Three undisputed reasons to choose Fielo​​​​​​​

1. We made it quick and easy to create incentives

Either use one of the most popular activities templates or simply create your own in a few steps using data from your objects and fields.

2. We make it easy for you to engage with your audience in seconds

Drag & drop Fielo’s Lightning web components directly into your existing Salesforce Communities pages or use Fielo’s APIs to enrich your portal. The Choice is yours.

3. We turn your data into actionable insights

Be in total control of your program with real-time tracking and insights of key business metrics, including individual incentives performance and financial metrics.

Need help? We have answers

Design your program

We have a team of PhDs ready to support you designing your program

Implement your program

Save time and money with our point-and-click solution ready to get started

Get the most out

Incentivize leading activities and get a better outcome

Send us your Salesforce quote.
​​​​​​​Save your time and money – select Fielo.​​​​​​​

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