New Fielo RevOps is the ideal solution for teams looking for the perfect sales execution playbook

There is a notable gap between sales planning and sales execution. CRMs track deals but do not provide insight into the sales execution of these deals, nor if best practice selling activities are being applied. With our new Fielo RevOps solution, sales leaders will be able to create the "Perfect Sales Execution Playbook" to achieve the best revenue outcome. 

Fielo RevOps ensures sales reps and account managers stay on top of their accounts and relationship building cadence, while enabling sales leaders to identify organizational strengths and remediation actions to course correct lagging performance.

The intelligent software identifies lagging indicators and at-risk accounts before it's too late, providing real time notifications and recommendations for remediation based on performance.

While many businesses still rely on spreadsheets or one-on-one sales conversations to understand sales execution - which is neither systematic nor scalable - Fielo's RevOps bridges that gap by linking sales strategy with operational practices.

"Most organizations struggle to track sales execution in depth, whether at an individual sales rep or at an account. It is a blind spot that only surfaces itself when a deal is lost (which is too late). Our RevOps solution fills this void by enabling organizations to define best sales practices that increase deal conversion, apply scoring to evaluate execution conformity, and remediate lagging performance at an individual rep and/or account level. It becomes an early warning system for revenue teams.”

The software is easily installed in a customer's Salesforce instance within minutes and is visible in the salesperson's Sales Cloud interface after configuration. It requires no integrations, no IT resources, and no extra user passwords. It is fully configurable, making it an effortless addition to any sales team's toolkit.

If you have Salesforce Sales Cloud and want to accelerate revenues by aligning sales activities and customer relationship cadence, try Fielo RevOps free now.

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