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We make learning simple

Fielo Learning enables you to integrate individualized learning with promotions, gamification, social media and rewards-based loyalty techniques.

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Organize courses according to your partners needs

  • Different courses and modules status
  • Easy navigation through courses and its modules

Different ways to get trained and be evaluated

  • Organize content based on content type
  • Add additional lanes with other content
  • Filter content so users can track their progress



Track your partners’ knowledge

  • User profile information can be locked down or user editable
  • Track user progress toward content completion

Learning programs

Different types of programs to simplify learning, including:

Employee training

Foster deeper engagement with your products and services, enabling employees to market your brand better than ever before.

Customer support

Use training as a way to ensure accurate and supportive customer support.

Training as content

Keep users engaged with exciting learning content that can be repurposed for other channels.

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