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Member Overview

Employees will be able to follow their performance, points balance, tier and badges earned.

Activity Feed

Employees will be able to view a list of the last activities performed like incentive completion, redemption, course completion, module passed, promotion to a new tier and reward received.


Employees will be able to view a list of incentives, enroll accordingly, track their performance and view the rewarding scheme.


Employees will be able to test on their product knowledge, brand awareness, selling acumen and more. Each course can be broken down into Modules which they need to complete before moving to the next level.

Rewards Notification

Employees will be able to see a Notification Pop-up each time they receive a reward from an incentive, their program level or when rank gets updated.

Member Profile

Employees will be able to see their profile information as well as update any field allowed by Administrators.


Employees will be able to view their leaderboard position and score in the incentive they are currently participating.


Employees will be able to see a list of badges as well as the incentive in which they earned it.


Employees will be able to view useful information such as member selector, currencies, tiers, available incentives, leaderboard and badge information.

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