Channel incentive trends in the manufacturing industry

Classic manufacturers have historically lagged their high-tech brethren (computer manufacturers) in how they incentivize their channel … but are catching up quickly.

This webinar will explore how manufacturers are employing strategic incentive programs and technology to win the commoditization, “noise,” and loyalty wars.

Join Fielo executive Adrian van Haaften and industry analyst host Tim Harmon as they engage in an interactive discussion on:

  • How manufacturers are reaching all the way through their channel to engage downstream partners and customers
  • The how and why behind manufacturers’ dramatic increase in non-cash rewards for strategic incentivization
  • How manufacturers are using modern Incentive Automation technology to scale their programs and grow their return on incentive program investment (ROIPI)

Fielo is AppExchange’s leading loyalty & incentive program management platform,  and it enables organizations to run personalized and scalable loyalty and incentive programs for both B2C customers and B2B.

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