Fielo Quickstart for
Tech Companies:

An industry best practices-configured solution
to drive your channel partners to outperform

Boost your revenue

Get as much as a 13% increase in channel revenue in the first year, by reducing your partner deal close time, bringing on new customers, and cross-selling your product lines.

Incentives to reward channel partners

Program participation

Reward partners to complete the registration process and make sure they agree with your Terms & Conditions

Take training

Reward partners for completing training courses.

Close deals

Reward partners for closed deals.      

Grow revenue year over year

Reward partners for revenue growth based on the previous period.

Close new customer deals

Reward partners for closed deals involving new customers.

Top 5 challenge

Reward the top 5 channel partners who close the most opportunities.

Close deals faster

Reward partners for reducing the amount of time it takes to close a deal.

Annual revenue goal attainment

Reward partners for achieving the annual partner sales goal.

Increase the deal size/scope

Reward partners for cross-selling and upselling.

Triple play challenge

Reward partners for the completion of three missions:

  • Close 3 add-on upsell opportunities
  • Complete one training course
  • Close 2 new customer opportunities

Get started in hours, not days or weeks

Pre-built features to help technology companies incentivize sales from reseller channels, and get up and running within hours.

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Fielo’s Quickstart program includes the most popular incentives and rewards for the tech industry as well as real-time implementation support, and you can see it all on a free demo!

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