Solutions playbook

Reduce time to close


Let’s say that the average time to close the sale of a particular product for a particular channel partner is 120 days, which you would like to improve (decrease). Or alternatively, that you want to improve (decrease) time to close for a particular deal size range.


Decreased time to close – Sometimes the key to boosting revenue production is to reduce the time channel partners are taking to close deals. Equipping and incentivizing them with the right tools to become more sales-efficient can pay big dividends (as well as engendering their loyalty).

Reduce cost of sale & increase profitability
Increase in # of manageable opportunities
Improved loyalty with channel partners

Playbook Recipe

Step 1

Specify goal you want to accomplish

Step 2

Define behaviors to incentivize

Step 3

Create rules based on your goal

Step 4

Determine your target channel segments

Download the Playbook Guide

The playbook guide to reduce time to close will take you through the necessary steps to identify issues in your sales process and plan an incentive program that targets the behaviors that will improve the time to close.