The channel issues that manufacturers face

Waning partner and channel loyalty
Lack of control of business outcomes
Ineffective incentive program tooling

How manufacturers leverage Incentive Automation

Manufacturers have a very complicated channel relationships to manage – and get a voice with – involving dealers, distributors, engineers, retailers, and manufacturers’ reps. Since there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of competition, it can be difficult to engender channel loyalty, or to maintain a level of control over the business outcomes you are looking to achieve (e.g., greater productivity, more knowledgeable salespeople, customer service excellence).

Successful manufacturers are utilizing modern Incentive Automation to automate and innovate their incentive program mechanics, so that they can focus on the program results. And ultimately give their channel sellers added engagement value that other manufacturers can’t touch.

How James Hardie is succeeding with Fielo

James Hardie is a company that manufactures and develops fiber-cement
building products for new home construction and remodelling, in the USA,
New Zealand and Canada.

They have around 3,000 contractors in their ecosystem, all of who operate
through distributors.

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