Information Technology

The channel issues that tech companies face

Waning partner loyalty
Incentive program stagnation
Difficulty in personalizing programs

How tech companies leverage Incentive Automation

Tech companies have a very diverse channel to manage and guide, involving VARs/resellers, distributors, systems integrators, managed service providers, digital agencies, consultants, CPAs, and even insurance companies. Fairly sophisticated in how they enable their channel partners, tech companies can find it difficult to make their incentive programs compelling and relevant, and scaling that relevance to thousands or tens of thousands of channel partners with different business models.

Channel-savvy tech companies are employing modern Incentive Automation to target channel segments with personalized incentive programs and partner experience to drive learning and engagement.

How tech vendors can ensure brand compliance

Tech companies everywhere are keen to ensure that all of their marketing communication are clear and consistent, which isn’t all that easy in today’s vast, global marketplace.

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