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Improve partner engagement


You want your channel partners to be productive, of course, but you should look at getting them engaged as a critical precursor to productivity. Indeed, some channel pros apply their incentivization strategy just to the end result (revenue) and ignore the foundational steps of getting their channel partners engaged with them. This leaves their channel partners vulnerable to being “cherry-picked” by competitors. You should monitor and Incentivize partners’ engagement levels in any and all forms they interact with you.


More engaged partners – For many channel professionals, getting – and keeping – their channel partners engaged is the holy grail. Or looked at from the opposite perspective, NOT engaging partners is their bane. Why? Because engaged partners are more knowledgeable partners, which makes them more productive partners. Moreover, engaged partners are more loyal partners – you can count on them for the long term in terms of finding new opportunities and growing revenue.

Increased partner knowledge
Improved loyalty with channel partners

Playbook Recipe

Step 1

Specify goal you want to accomplish

Step 2

Define behaviors to incentivize

Step 3

Create rules based on your goal

Step 4

Determine your target channel segments

Download the Playbook Guide

The playbook guide to improve partner engagement will take you through the necessary steps to help incentivize behaviors that increase channel partner knowledge as well as improve channel partners loyalty.