Solutions playbook

Expand the top of the funnel


You may want partners to contribute/register more leads, in order to increase the number of opportunities. `{`N.B. In some cases, those leads may be developed by the partner; in others, the lead may be developed into an opportunity by your own sales force (the latter case being partner referrals).`}`


Top of the funnel filled with more leads – Oftentimes, marketers need to ``widen`` the top of the funnel, in order to get more sales qualified leads – and more closed opportunities – out at the bottom. Channel partners can be incentivized to contribute to demand generation by rewarding them for registering leads and opportunities.

Increased number of sales qualified leads
Expansion of word-of-mouth network

Playbook Recipe

Step 1

Specify goal you want to accomplish

Step 2

Define behaviors to incentivize

Step 3

Create rules based on your goal

Step 4

Determine your target channel segments

Download the Playbook Guide

The playbook guide to expand the top of the sales funnel will take you through the necessary steps to identify issues in your sales and marketing process and plan an incentive program that targets the behaviors that will give an improvement to expanding your sales funnel.