CPG / Retail

The channel issues that CPG & retail companies face

Shrinking attention and shelf space
Margin Pressure
Commoditization / brand erosion

How CPG companies and their retail partners leverage Incentive Automation

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers operate in a global environment today where information is ubiquitous. Long-steeped in traditional, generic customer loyalty programs (77% of which fail!), CPG and retail companies are turning to new means and methods to drive their brand value, including social advocacy, interactive website & store experiences, and endless aisle merchandising.

Leading CPG and retail companies are wielding modern Incentive Automation to go under the covers of retailers’ order and customers’ purchases, to incentivize the underlying behaviors that lead to those results – with the added benefit of engaging their customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

How Country Road Group is succeeding with Fielo

Country Road Group is one of Australia’s largest fashion retailers, now with 5 brands (Trenery, Witchery, Country Road, Mimco and Politix) across the APAC region. They have 400+ stores and online e-commerce.

Fielo was able to leverage Country Road’s multiple Salesforce Cloud investments and utilize them to maximize the effectiveness of their incentive program.

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