Building materials

The channel issues that building materials companies face

Minimal loyalty within channel
Lack of control of outcome
Ineffective rewarding mechanism

How building materials companies leverage Incentive Automation

Building materials manufacturers are dealing with a conundrum today: competitors are raising the information stakes, virtually flooding the market, and channel partners’ attention spans are waning.

It’s easy for building materials manufacturers’ unique product-service value – and core technical underpinnings – to “get lost” in all the noise. They are looking to incentivize distributors, contractors, architects, and retailers for building and better representing their product knowledge to customers. Top building materials manufacturers are using modern Incentive Automation to stand out in a channel crowd that has demonstrated that they respond to innovative, engaging incentive programs with their business.

How Fielo can help you build a contractor incentive program

In a competitive and commoditized construction procurement landscape, building materials manufacturers need to differentiate their products from competitors and improve engagement within each tier of their channel ecosystem.

Check out our customer success stories that show how other building material companies have been successful using Fielo’s incentive automation platform.