The channel issues that agribusiness companies face

Minimal loyalty within channel
Lack of control of outcome
Ineffective rewarding mechanism

How agribusiness companies leverage Incentive Automation

The agribusiness industry has a lot moving parts that are constantly being modernized and automated. In order to stay competitive, it is important to use technology to save time and reduce costs.

Incentive Automation cuts through all the noise and allow you to focus on rewarding the behaviors that drive growth to your business. Incentivize the transportation based on how fast they deliver your goods. Distributors can be rewarded for online training as well as selling your product over a competitors.

How to refine your marketing strategy

The global agribusiness market – which includes insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides as well as biotechnology products – is valued at almost $78 billion. However, 90% of the worldwide sales in this market are achieved by only 10 companies.

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